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Millbrook Practice Management Advanced Medical

NDCLytec 2004

NDCLytec 2004 is all about saving you time, improving your cash flow, and helping you to better manage the business side of your medical practice.

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With its new features, Lytec 2004 is the management tool your office won't want to do without!  The new 2004 version is designed to help you more effectively create and manage your fee schedules, as well as track accounts receivable, authorizations and even inventory. We believe Lytec Medical 2004 provides outstanding value that will exceed your expectations.


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Electronic Medical Records software is designed to improve quality, reduce risk, cut costs and increase revenues. It creates and maintains complete medical records with minimal effort while it streamlines workflow, controls utilization, and manages critical data related to patient care outcomes. Features include: Fast, Accurate Charting, Organized, legible notes, manages clinical images, provides patient education, and exchanges data with other systems within, and external to, the enterprise.

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange

Advanced Medicals' implementation of electronic data interchange ("EDI") services enable you to realize significant cost savings by replacing paper-based transactions with electronic processing. Consider the following:

Paper claims take 45 to 90 days to process, assuming they are presented without errors. Errors can more than double processing time. (Error rates run as high as 30%.) ....more...